Forthcoming releases:

● Uton "yet untitled" CDR (Frozen Light, 2017)

● Uton: Taajuuksia Taaempaa CS (Marmara Records, 2017)
● Uton / Creation IV - split CS (2017) ???
● Uton/ F.ampism - split CS (2017)

● Uton CS (Eiderdown Records 2017)

VU-UV second album, featuring F.ampism
Pupil Wah "new album" (2017)


Uton's Ancient Archives (many volumes)  limited edition cdr sets

A lot of recorded quality material from the past (2002-2008) is still waiting for a release date. This means nearly 20 full lenght albums! Some albums are based to "drone", some for "harsh noise", "psychedelic noise", "experimental improvisations" etc. These will be released as soon as the work comes out - means: many hours of mastering; after finding a label, which is enough crazy to put it out (ok, I agree, it's too crazy to ask only one label to do it all). The plan is that the albums are coming in box-sets... each having a different base or style. Some material might become alone without box around of it. Will see...

After all there's still EVEN MORE material, which is nearly quality - so there's something for some purpose. This needs longer time to work with. It's much possible, that all that, or most of that, will go to trash bin in the end without anyone else hearing them (ha!).

And a bit far away from regular sound of Uton, there's also a PIANO ALBUM (recorded in 2008 in a public library... it's more lo-fi than most of the classical albums, as you can imagine). EDIT: This one is now released; download your own mp3 copy from HERE

EDIT part 2 (28.4.2013): These albums will be titled as Psychic Archives, Vol. 1 etc. 
EDIT part 3 (2.7.2013): Volume 1 is a four cdr set, released by Finnish label IKUISUUS. 
EDIT parts 4 and 5 released, few copies still available (22.11.2016). 


Uton live @ Out Fest, Portugal 2008
photo by Vera Marmelo